Ready for some dad radio jokes? Get ready for eyerolls and groans...

Did you hear about the 2 antennas that got married? 
The wedding was terrible, but the reception was excellent!
If someone slaps you with high frequency….it hertz.

I used to think that all radios had an antenna...
But now I realise that was just a stereo type.

What do radio enthusiasts say when they play hide and seek?
"Radio or not, here I come!"
What did the Spanish radio host say after broadcast?
"Uno, dos..." radioed the Spanish ship, and then disappeared without a tres.
What do you call good suggestions given over the radio?
Sound advice.
I used to tell jokes about radios when I did stand up but the reception was poor.
Now class, I'd like you all to welcome our guest Speaker and her friend Mike.
My friend was very excited that he passed his ham radio exam first try...
He had no reMorse.
What radio station do pirates listen to?
NP Arrrrrrrrr
I saw a radio for sale today for $1. Sign said it's stuck on full volume.
I thought to myself, "Well, I can't turn that down!"
I got my radio job because of my small hands--
Wee paws for station identification.

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